Simple Progress Bar Loading in Android

In this tutorial, I am just showing an example for showing progress bar on an activity while executing a lengthy task. Normally we may call web services to load some news feed like Facebook to a list view and will take some time to inflate them to list view, in this case we can display a progress bar to show progress of the task. Facebook… Read the rest

Auto Verification of App Link Handler in Android

Sometimes we need to open our web site URIs with our android app. We have already noticed when we have clicked on a link from an android device , the system ask whether it opens with chrome or other browsers and any app like Twitter,Facebook etc.. For example, when we click on a twitter profile link on android device which installed twitter app, the following… Read the rest

Sample android project using volley with codeingiter rest

In this article, I am talking about how to create a sample android project for calling rest api from codeigniter rest server. The android project contains an activity for adding new places and retrieving the existing places added in database from rest service and two xml layouts. There are two parts for this project.


Assuming that you have already setup Codeigniter and rest in… Read the rest